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its so stupid for children to wear mask all the time

They r so young. They cannot breathe Exercise also they need to wear that stupid mask
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It's a good thing I guess. My colleague bunked work today. Though I hate her for it I forgive her. But s crying child,an autistic child. Then a new child. Plus 2 teachers I dont like in the same class. How do I even handle it. Or I dont ? I just don't want to b bothered. But stiff around me keeps happening.  I jus wish I got the positive attitude to wish it awAy.  My consolation is I got a new transparent bag.  I wish to b as transparent  as that bag I carry today  . God lord jesus christ fill me.  Also, I feel rebecca always hoards on the computer. We share 1 pc. But she always hoards it. Of course I m tired during nap n I wish to seek u jesus. So I pray I find the answer to this dilemma   . Do I sleep or do I work. Drained. I trust in u jesus  .  I feel I always pack preparation and learning materials.  But, u can be assured n u know I m trying . N my attitude has always been right recently.  Amen 


Today I went to work and everything  is so different.  Because of wuan virus no many in school.  Jus no mood to work here anymore.  This place  Is dead to me jesus  Emma is like the devil Gosh  Keep crying non  stop n I m blamed That is wat u get wen u work for a boss who is clueless  I m jus so ready to go  Go to my God Lord Jesus Christ in heaven  Everything  just feels so different  I do wish to go home to God already My work place has just too many problems of it's own already n only God can solve Its not in my place to solve anymore  I tried my best  I cant do it anymore jesus christ oh lord Save me Come quick

prayer for new job opportunity

I have been in this company working as a preschool teacher for 3 over years. But the director, she doesn't seem to appreciate. I get talked down on. Gossiped upon. My director even shows her temper on me for faults that are not even mine. It hurts so much because I given my all and gave my best to this company. I feel so sad. I can't seem to change job for the past 1 year. Help me Jesus. Please pray for me. I already submitted my resumes with my expected salaries. I hope doors open for me so that I may work again to the best of my abilities just as before. Thank u so much and Amen

new job prayer

Thank u sister. I wish for a $3200 job at my next interview.  I want them to pay off my current work pl so that I can start my new job immediately  without serving the notice period  . I wish for the new job anyways my dream environment and colleagues. I wish for marriage and kids if God will it. My boyfriend  is slowly coming to Christ. ✝️💖💜🎀I also wish to change my place of residence by end of this month . Today is 5th January 2020. In Jesus name I pray Amen ✝️ I want a change in residence because my landlady is a non believer and she hangs all these demonic stuff all around the house. God forbid