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Becoming Atheist and What Motivates Me as an Atheist in Life

My path to atheism definitely took awhile. Initially it was non confirmed one and I fell back to religion. Just like every single religion I explored. Then came Minimalism. So I decided to declutter my religion and my altar. It kindda worked abit. Then I went into Christianity from Hinduism. Both were hard to give up but Hinduism was easier to give up and Christianity was harder. I finally somehow managed to come to an "enlightening" understanding. In layman's term, just made sense of it all and managed to be able and convinced to leave all for good

For me, my motivation is the present moment. Death is inevitable. So NOW is all we have. To make the most of it, to live each moment to the fullest. Being able to actually enjoy the present that most people don't. Most people are merely existing like the living dead. Walking around corpse like with no excitement, sense of wonder and appreciation. Most people keep looking forward and thinking of the future to be happy. BUT…
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Cross tattoo on my chest

This 💖 valentine's, I finally got the cross✝️tattoo I promised to get 4 years ago. Finally got it today ❕❗To show God our Lord, King of Kings, Most High..I love ♥️him alot. I don't have to do so, He already knows my heart. But I wanted to. #✝️Tattoo. You are not just my no.1️⃣Always been there in my ☝️⬆️highs & lows⬇️👇You are my EVERYTHING💖AMEN

Aramex suck

Why does Aramex need to verify? I order from and products come all the way from China and reaches me just fine. I got missing items from MIRRAW because of Aramex